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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Bordellos: Faves

FZB favorites The Bordellos, never go very long between releases and 2018 starts as it should with them releasing a compilation package. Faves is twelve tracks of Bordellos classics and mark the band's first release on Merseyside label Now Music. This album is gives us a nice collection of the best songwriting and lofi musings of Bordellos honcho Brian Shea. Can we really ever get too much Bordellos...NO! Stream and download Faves for free at the link below.

Dyr Fraser: Hauntingly Beyond

Boston based FZB favorites Dyr Fraser are back with a new EP, Hauntingly Beyond. The duo of Eric Boomhower and Amelia May deliver four tracks of atmospheric psychedelic music, with tons of reverb, a dark sheen and droney overtones. Twangy guitar lines move the pieces forward as vocals and synths swirl about in an endless cacophony of tasty pop music. The EP could benefit from a better production as the vocals are too buried, and EQ notching would separate the instruments more; but as a whole this is a thoroughly enjoyable work. Stream and buy Hauntingly Beyond at the link below.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Iglomat: The Man Made Man

UK label KFM Records bring us The Man Made Man, the fourth album from FZB favorite Iglomat. The nine tracks see this multinational collaboration building on their instrumental sound, with new textures, heavy guitars and imaginative melodic passages. More than a collection of riffs, Iglomat build complex soundscapes, with each possessing it's own mood and emotional space. This new album is an engaging work that showcases the bands talent and creativity. Stream and buy The Man Made Man at the link below.

Brenda: Creeper

Creeper is the latest EP from Toronto postpunk band Brenda. The five tracks assault you with edgy, reverby and stylish music that defies convention. The EP is surprising in it's stark nature, going from raw to sublime in the blink of an eye, with strategically placed changes that are compelling and engaging. This is an adventurous EP that pushes boundaries and takes punk influenced music to a new height of interest. You'll particularly love the inventive guitar and sneering vocals. This EP is a definite must have. Stream and buy Creeper at the link below.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Electric Bird Noise: Nam Wen Eht Fo Htrib

Nam Wen Eht Fo Htrib is the new long form ambient piece by FZB favorite Electric Bird Noise. Released on North Carolina indie Silber Records, the 21 minute piece explores the depths of dark ambient loops, and processed guitar sounds and passages, to create a sonic space that is both soft and textural, as well as sinister and foreboding. The unique interplay between the creepy and the sublime creates a musical work of depth and movement, where the listener feels the music transporting them somewhere, rather than just hanging about in the ether. Stream and buy Nam Wen Eht Fo Htrib at the link below.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Drifting In Silence: Dawn

Dawn is the new album from North Carolina based artist/producer Drifting In Silence, aka Derrick Stembridge. The ten tracks are ambient tone poems that evoke an immersive trek through implied melodies and ambient soundscapes. Varying patterns of atmospheric drones and spritely synth pads conjure up a wonderfully natural feeling of peace and serenity, painting a beautiful pastiche across the mind. Stream and buy Dawn at the link below.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Digster Wednesday Playlists

Welcome to the Digster Wednesday Playlists. What better way to start a new year then with some love from the Digster Romance Playlists. Try Indie Love Songs for 60 tracks of of passionate music from the muses of indie. There's the Love Stinks playlist, 3+ hours of music for when things just aren't working. If tthe relationship is getting too steamy with your significant other, there's always the Digster Wedding Songs, 56 tracks to make you both sit down and think LOL. Listen to these and all the other Digster Romance Playlists at the link below.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Foreign Films: The Record Collector Side 1

The Record Collector, Side 1, is the first side of a triple vinyl release coming from FZB favorite The Foreign Films, aka Canadian artist/producer Bill Majoros. The album is an indie rock romp through Majoros' life, both real and imaginary, and the music that made him. The Foreign Films always deliver finely crafted pop/rock, with great hooks, harmonies and a bit of the best of the Beatles influence. If Side 1 is any indication, this huge undertaking of making a triple vinyl album will yield a superlative work of indie rock. Stream and buy The Record Collector Side 1 and pre-order the whole package at the link below.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Michael Trew: Waiting in the Wings

Waiting in the Wings is the debut solo album from singer/songwriter Michael Trew. The nine tracks are stylish flokrock, that recalls Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver and other similar artists. The songs are intimate and delivered with a strong voice and sterling musicianship. The album has a bit of a theatrical flair and nods to the grandiose at times. This gives the album a bit of a dated feel, but it holds together well throughout and satisfies thoroughly. Stream and buy Waiting in the Wings at the link below.

Friday, January 12, 2018

M Is We: Oceans & The Corrupting Sea: Looking To the Stars


One of our favorite indie labels is North Carolina's Silber Records. Finely curated by artist/producer Brian John Mitchell, the label spans wondrous soundscapes from delicately crafted ambient to edgy punk regimes. Today we have two tasty new releases from the label.

Oceans is the new album from M is We. The eights tracks are edgy post punk, with poignant lyrics and a sound fit for a dark Brooklyn dive. Brash and noisey, the tracks are gems of punkish dilemma. 

The Corrupting Sea's EP, Looking To the Stars, is another entry in the label's 5 in 5 series, where artists do 5, one minute songs on the EP. This EP is an ambient post-rock look at ingenious synthesizer pads and patterns. 

Stream and buy both of these excellent works at the links below.